When a company decides to go with SIEM services, they may feel excited and comfortable with all the benefits of a centralized and customizable security solution, but without a reliable cybersecurity company, they might have some irritating problems. For example, without a deep understanding of all the customization possibilities, you might find yourself in a confused state that results in some serious headaches. Further, the capital investment the company will have to make with an in-house SIEM infrastructure could potentially put you on the edge. Instead, you can easily receive a full team that manages and monitors the entire system so that you don’t miss a thing! That’s what FortiSIEM-as-a-Service can offer you, but we will dig into it a little bit more.

Fortinet Trusts Us

With so many different devices within a network that need to be monitored — endpoints, security tools, applications, VM’s and the cloud — Fortinet’s Security Incident and Events Management solution simplifies everything. While 80 percent of breaches go undetected around the world, FortiSIEM nails down threats before they become breaches by cross-correlations and machine learning. The response you get for potential breaches from FortiSIEM is great, but in order to safely monitor an entire network with the most efficiency, you need a team that understands it inside and out!

Fortinet turns to us, StratoZen, before anyone else to manage their own personal FortiSIEM account. This is because no one understands their SIEM better than us. We have a team of experts that are constantly looking over network activity, receiving training to combat the latest cyber threats, and finding better ways to customize the SIEM to better fit the needs of companies. This along with our other services make us the most reliable cybersecurity company when it comes to SIEM solutions and services, but what are our other services?

StratoZen’s FortiSIEM Services

When an MSP goes with our FortiSIEM-as-a-Service for their clients, we deliver a variety of premium services. Below is the bulk of what we offer with our services:

  • Real-time network analytics
  • Security and compliance out-of-the-box
  • Cloud-scale architecture
  • Self-Learning Asset Inventory (CMDB)
  • Exhaustive device support
  • Event source monitoring
  • Event log and network flow data consolidation
  • Comprehensive, extensible analytics
  • Network, virtualization and application intelligence
  • Identity and location intelligence
  • Configuration and configuration change monitoring
  • In-depth database security, availability and anomalous activity monitoring
  • Powerful, layer 7 rules engine
  • Real-time and historical cross-correlation
  • Prioritized security incidents with correlated and raw details
  • Dynamic dashboards, topology maps and notifications
  • Real-time and long-term search with web-like query and iterative filtering
  • Directory service integrated and custom asset and user grouping
  • Compliance and standards-based reports
  • Optimized event repository
  • Compliance automation
  • Log management
  • Business service management

There really isn’t a more flexible or powerful SIEM and service than what you can get from our FortiSIEM-as-a-Service. We will take care of all the infrastructure, licensing, maintenance, upgrades, patches, capacity planning, backups and security. If you have more questions about FortiSIEM or our services, contact us today!