Managed detection response services are important tools in the world of cybersecurity, and companies benefit from these services when it comes to protecting sensitive data online. Through these services, companies can detect and react to cyber threats that might compromise them and do serious damage to networks and servers, so it’s important for businesses to invest in professional and reputable cybersecurity companies that can provide them with managed detection response services.

Of course, you might want to know what exactly you’re signing up for before you make the decision to invest in cybersecurity companies, so in this blog we’re going to be discussing what managed detection response services are and why you should be utilizing them.

Explaining MDR

MDR is a service that was born from the need for organizations who lack the skills necessary to protect themselves online against cybercriminals. Most businesses don’t have the proper teams in-house to efficiently detect and respond to threats, and this is where cybersecurity companies come into play. Managed detection response services focus on threat detection, as the name implies, rather than compliance, and the services are deployed using the provider’s own set of tools and technologies. However, they are usually deployed on the user’s terms, so while your company might not know about the technologies, you’ll get to decide when they are set into place.

What Makes MDR?

Managed detection response is comprised of both automation and human collaboration. A cybersecurity team is often monitoring your network closely as well as analyzing security events and alerting customers when a threat is detected. Companies who are utilizing managed detection response services will usually be in direct contact with the analysts rather than relying on a virtual dashboard when it comes to investigating security events, alerts and other cybersecurity activities.

MDR is an important piece of the big cybersecurity model, and if you’re looking to protect your business from potential online threats, make sure to give us a call here at StratoZen. We can help you set up the perfect security strategies for your company.