There are a lot of cybersecurity products that companies can choose from, but which one is the most reliable and most cost efficient? To answer this question, you may need to know what threatens a company and what it takes to actually stop attacks. Once you understand these things, you will see why you need a SIEM solution.

What is a SIEM?

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management, and is a system that is used to detect, prevent and resolve all cyberattacks while centralizing all the security events from every device within a network. The first function of a SIEM is gathering all the raw security data from companies’ firewalls, wireless access points, servers, and personal devices. The SIEM doesn’t just log events, but is customized to detect suspicious activity and recognize actual threats.

Fortinet, an industry-leading cybersecurity company that develops some of the best cybersecurity software, understands that threats differ depending on the type of threat and where they are coming from. With this foresight, they developed FortiSIEM, the software StratoZen uses, which has the ability to process hundreds of rules that we set up when we are first start connecting to a network. With a centralized and customizable security system, attacks – whether they are coming from inside or outside the network – are recognized, isolated, and cut off before they become a serious problem.

To add more to what a SIEM is and what they can do, SIEMs can create daily graphs and reports that show the user exactly what’s going on. It filters through events and categorizes them by the severity of the threat. If the threat is not too serious but may carry some concern, a report is made; and if the event is critical, a notification is sent to our team immediately in order to diagnose the situation. When an audit or compliance check comes up, the SIEM will create any kind of report that is needed.

Why Do You Need It?

From the section above, there are already multiple reasons as to why you might need a system as efficient as a SIEM, but to go further, you may benefit from learning more about what types of security threats are made against a network.

Today’s cyberattacks are more advanced than ever before, and the old preventative tactics of simply using firewalls and antivirus software are outdated. Attacks are no longer stopped simply by edge devices blocking incoming attacks from the cloud, as attacks can come from inside your network. Malware is now attached in emails, banner ads, pseudo websites, etc., and can gain access to your network through an internal device. Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) alone won’t be able to detect or prevent malware like this, which is why a SIEM is so essential. Additionally, SIEM solutions are able to aggregate data from across your entire network, and analyze this data together to limit false-positives. With a SIEM solution from StratoZen, you have a reliable product that will detect attacks inside and out, and that reports threats accurately without producing false-positives.

Choosing a SIEM solution is a great way to manage your cybersecurity issues. The cost to cover your entire system with StratoZen is about the same as the coverage for just one device with another cybersecurity company. In addition to this full network coverage, we give you the daily services of an experienced and knowledgable support team. For any other questions about our SIEM services and how they may benefit you, contact us today.