Research shows that around 158,727 breaches happen every hour in various companies all over the world. All organizations deserve computer security services that they can trust and depend on during their time of need. Without cutting-edge cybersecurity systems, there is no telling when the next hack will be or the data that will be stolen. Have you been searching for a quality cybersecurity company that will guarantee protection for your private information? Try StratoZen!

Below are the reasons why StratoZen has been a trusted cybersecurity provider for decades


We Work with Customizable SIEM Products

Better technology to fight cyber-attacks continues to be invented every day, but hackers too have been improving their tactics. This has made it incredibly hard to detect them. Even though, with StratoZen’s customizable SIEM product, you can know whenever your network has a threat as soon as possible. You can also identify the most common risks. Once you observe a pattern, it is easier to build your defenses.

ZenSight Customer Reports

StratoZen is also great because it allows you to access an interactive dashboard for you and your client’s board-level reports. This means that you are aware of the specific devices that pose the highest risks among them. What’s even better is that you can do this simultaneously, saving time. With these reports, you can also know and analyze your customer’s overall cybersecurity strength.

StratoZen’s Competent Team

This managed security service provider (MSSP) comes with a highly skilled team of information security professionals who make use of the newest technology to solve your cybersecurity problems. Our team’s competency and desire to deliver quality has seen us work with Fortinet products. We also provide FortiSIEM for Fortinet’s personal network.

Vast Experience

StratoZen has been providing computer security services for almost 20 years. We have seen the cybersecurity industry evolve, and we are well aware of the most prevalent threats. Years of delivering quality services have allowed us to make a name for themselves as a reliable cybersecurity firm.

You should always prioritize the cybersecurity of your company to avoid suffering losses due to breaches. Well, StratoZen is a firm that offers computer security services to assure that your data is safe at all times. With our customizable SIEM product, you can identify threats in good time and eliminate them. It is also one of the cybersecurity companies that have been there long enough to observe trends in the industry. We have in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience in dealing with different cyberthreats. To find out more about us, visit our website.