There are two main reasons as to why every MSP should turn to StratoZen’s cybersecurity services for their clients: Fortinet’s SIEM solution and our expertise.

SIEM Solutions

As an MSP, you have a heavy responsibility to provide your customers with a reasonable and reliable service. A lot of the software that cybersecurity companies produce doesn’t always do everything you need it to and is oftentimes overpriced, but by taking a quick look at what StratoZen can offer you, you’ll find that we have cybersecurity solutions that give you full coverage — not just edge devices — in a much more affordable package.

Before going more in-depth about what these solutions are, we want to address any compliance concerns you might have. One of the biggest problems MSPs seem to have is finding a service that will guarantee their client security that abides by all compliance regulations. StratoZen’s services comply with all regulatory guidelines, so there is no need to worry.

Now to dive into what exactly our SIEM solutions can do for you, we have to mention the actual software creator. Fortinet is one of the leaders in cybersecurity software, and we use their SIEM solution because it is the best at actually detecting and stopping malware and other dangerous threats. This service hooks up to all the devices you need within a network and centralizes the reports so that analysts can view everything with ease. Further, without a good knowledge of cybersecurity, written out reports may look like a foreign language, but we have interactive graphs and charts to help make understanding the data easier as well.

This SIEM solution is customizable to whatever the user needs; if there are common threats for their field of work, then the software can be fine-tuned to target those specific problems. In addition, other threat-detecting software may run a lot of reports, but can they filter out all the false-positives? Our SIEM is calibrated to recognize and create notifications when there is a true threat. In other words, while we may produce as high as two-billion reports a day for one network, the company will not have to worry about false-positive reports or notifications.

The SIEM solution that Fortinet creates is phenomenal, but when it is managed by us, there is nothing better. Here’s why.

Our Expertise

It’s one thing when a company claims to be the best service provider, it’s another when the service creator actually chooses you to manage their own services for them — that’s what Fortinet has done with us. Fortinet trusts us to oversee their network of devices and recommends us to any buyer that go straight to them. Why? Because we understand SIEM, SOC and other cybersecurity measures better than anyone else.

When a company or MSP chooses our services, they have a team of educated experts on their side to help them any time they need. We know how to customize the SIEM perfectly to your customers and can give you all the reports you need. When the system reports a threat, we have a three-minute SLA. On top of that, you will not only be notified that there is a threat, but that competent team will be working with you to find the best solution.

While there are plenty of services out there, there is only one cybersecurity company that gives you the best SIEM solutions and expertise. If you think you’d benefit greatly from our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.