There is no question that you should choose StratoZen for your customers’ cybersecurity services, but do you know why? We will briefly tell you here that this cybersecurity company not only gives you a phenomenal product, but also a service that is unlike any other.

Fortinet’s Full Network-Covering SIEM

It goes without saying that cyberattacks are only getting stronger, and basic edge protection and antivirus software are no longer complete cybersecurity solutions. In order to stay within compliance regulations and protect individuals’ confidential information, companies need security measures that do more than just detect activity and protect a certain number of “important” devices. They need a SIEM solution that detects, notifies, and gives all the instructions needed to come up with foolproof solutions for ALL devices within a network. The SIEM product that Fortinet created (FortiSIEM) is what we use at StratoZen to do exactly that.

Our SIEM is not just a log aggregation system, it is a security managing device that centralizes all reports from an entire network and recognizes internal threats as soon as they become a danger. How is this possible? Fortinet’s SIEM product is customizable and therefore adapted to the specific environment of a network. In other words, this SIEM is programmed to understand what type of attacks are common and relevant, as well as recognize what activities are actual threats. This is all possible thanks to the customization process that our team of experts go through; they set hundreds and hundreds of specific rules and details to tailor-make the SIEM fit to your client’s needs.

Unbeatable Services

Segueing along with the customization that our support team provides, the other services and expertise that we offer do not compare with other cybersecurity companies that simply give you a product.

With StratoZen, we don’t stop at simply printing off the event logs and calling that a report, we actually give you a monthly report written in plain English so that anyone can understand. Not to mention, when an audit or compliance report is due, we will provide you with everything you need. Our reporting isn’t just done when we want to, you can ask for reports as much as you would like. Further, it is apart of our SLA to notify you within three minutes of a serious cyberattack or breach — that way we can isolate the problem and start coming up with solutions on the spot without allowing it to spread.

When you have a team that is there for you at any time you need, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal. Instead of having to try to learn everything there is to know about cybersecurity (good luck with that), you can turn to us and not stress coming up with solutions on your own. As any cybersecurity company should, our team is continuously receiving training in order to stay on top of the latest cyber developments and combat any new attacks. While all the communication we offer is made between you and us, your clients will benefit from everything we give you.

The benefits of what StratoZen can do for your clients could go on and on, but we won’t go into further depth beyond what we’ve just told you. If you have further inquiries or want to learn more about our services, head back over to our homepage now.