When a client shows interest in starting to use SIEM solutions to fulfill their compliance needs or simply to better detect the activity within their network, they need to consider a co-managed SIEM. It is not enough to simply set up a SIEM and hope the IT guy can understand the readings; you might as well use a log-aggregation system because the efficiently would likely be close to the same if the SIEM users don’t know how to read the notifications. Instead, turning to a cybersecurity company to co-mange the SIEM solutions is going to be the best way to optimize the SIEM solution.

SIEM Readings

There are hundreds of thousands of incidents that a SIEM will report in a day. Within all of these reports are signs of potential threats to a company’s network, and at the same time, there are just as many (if not more) false positives. One of the main reasons an enterprise would deploy a SIEM solution is to know what is going on, but setting up a SIEM with just a couple of IT guys is not going to get the job done. Doing so is about as reliable as giving a bunch of high school kids a tax book and letting them figure a company’s taxes. What is really needed with SIEM solutions is a team of specialists that have the education and experience needed to co-manage and understand all the activity that is detected.

Which Cybersecurity Company to Trust

With co-managed SIEM solutions, there might be a lot of options to choose from but MSPs and independent companies need to be careful with their decision. While a lot of SIEM providers will deploy the SIEM and offer a set number of rules to improve the SIEM’s readings, the rules they set are not customizable. It would be nice if one size fit all but that’s not how cybersecurity works, each network has a different set of needs. With StratoZen’s co-managed SIEM or SIEMaaS, we don’t give you just 20-30 set of rules like other SIEM cybersecurity companies would, but hundreds! These rules are customized to the very last detail of your network and significantly improve the SIEM’s readings.

A Customizable SIEM and Nearly Zero False Positives

The reason it is a big deal to rely on a company like StratoZen for co-managed SIEM because almost ALL false positive readings are eliminated. Near zero false positives means that a company will not have to stress about potential breaches that don’t exist. Some false positive reports are so alarming that a company would have to take down an entire business function to resolve the potential problem, costing the company A LOT of money for nothing! However, with StratoZen’s ability to customize the SIEM to any client’s needs, this stress is removed almost entirely, if not fully removed.

False positive readings are just one problem with a SIEM solution that isn’t co-managed, and there is a lot more. SIEMs are complicated and companies need experts to help them understand everything. If you are providing cybersecurity services to your client, we can white label our services and still manage everything for the company. To learn more about what we do, contact us today!