Without knowing what kind of threats your company is dealing with, it can be hard to protect yourself from the harm that they can cause your organization. Even with the most advanced cybersecurity tools, you can find your company being targeted by malicious cyber criminals through undetected attacks, so how do you prevent these data breaches from happening?

It has been found that almost 75 percent of cyberattacks are going undetected, and when they’re finally caught, major damage could already have be done to your company. This is where managed detection response and cyber threat intelligence come into play, and here is why cybersecurity companies absolutely need to invest in these services.

Risk Reduction

 Cyber criminals are always discovering new means of breaching sensitive data online, infiltrating company networks almost with ease if the organization being targeted isn’t investing in proper cybersecurity. Threat intelligence and managed detection response services help companies detect these threats in order to reduce the risks of data loss, disruption of business operations and to increase regulatory compliance.

Prevention of Financial Loss

 Security breaches cost companies millions of dollars annually, so why not just invest in threat intelligence and managed detection response services? Security breaches not only cost your company millions in post-incident restoration, but you can also bet on paying fines, investigation fees and maybe even lawsuits against the criminals responsible.

Threat intelligence and managed detection response services help prevent system downtimes and the breaching of confidential data, which will protect both you and your customers.

Staff Efficiency

 Threat intelligence helps maximize staff efficiency in terms of dealing with cyber-attacks. These services will notify you of potential threats so that you can deal with them before they become an issue, overall saving you hours of time in post-incident management. This saved time can then be put back into more important work, rather than having to spend hours trying to clean up the mess that comes with a security breach.

Companies should look into investing in managed detection response and threat intelligence services if they’re looking to properly secure their confidential data and protect their business from becoming targets for cyber criminals. If want to learn more about the different cybersecurity options that you can utilize to protect your company from online threats, check out our services page on our website. We can help you find the proper services to keep you safe from the various online threats that exist today.