Companies are constantly looking for ways to protect themselves from online threats, and the only effective way to achieve this in today’s day and age is by recruiting reliable cybersecurity companies to handle your cybersecurity needs. The reason cybersecurity companies are a must have is because cybersecurity requires a deep understanding of all the customization possibilities that come with the SIEM solutions we offer here at StratoZen, for example. Aside from the expertise required to manage these SIEM systems, your company can easily rack up a costly bill trying to build a team suited to handle your SIEM system.

Luckily, our team here at StratoZen can deploy and manage a reliable FortiSIEM system within your company, so that you don’t have to worry about managing and paying for an expensive in-house team. But, why should you invest in FortiSIEM anyways? We wrote this blog to show you why you should be investing in these services to better protect your business from digital threats.

FortiSIEM Services and Benefits

 We deliver a wide array of premium services for MSPs that utilize our FortiSIEM-as-a-service. Here are a variety of the services that we offer:


  • Security and compliance out-of-the-box
  • Real-time network analytics
  • Cloud-scale architecture
  • Exhaustive device support
  • Self-learning asset inventory (CMDB)
  • Event source monitoring
  • Comprehensive, extensible analytics
  • Event log and network flow data consolidation
  • Identity and location intelligence
  • Network, virtualization and application intelligence
  • In-depth database security, availability and anomalous activity monitoring
  • Configuration and configuration change monitoring
  • Powerful, layer 7 rules engine
  • Prioritized security incidents with correlated and raw details
  • Real-time and historical cross-correlation
  • Real-time and long-term search with web-like query and iterative filtering
  • Dynamic dashboards, topology maps and notifications
  • Directory service integrated and custom asset and user grouping
  • Optimized event repository
  • Compliance and standards-based reports
  • Log management
  • Compliance automation
  • Business service management


Our FortiSIEM-as-a-service is the most powerful SIEM service that you could ask for, and if you’re really looking to protect your business when it comes to cyber threats, you should give us a call here at StratoZen. We know that you might not be too keen on hiring an expensive in-house team, so we deploy and manage the FortiSIEM service and take care of all the infrastructure, maintenance, licensing, upgrades, patches, backups, capacity planning and security you can’t beat our flexibility, reliability and affordability, so don’t hesitate to contact us.