It is crucial for cybersecurity companies to offer MSPs a reliable product for their customers, but can you trust just any cybersecurity company to take care of your online security needs? It can be hard to put such trust into a company, especially when it comes to both your business’s and your customers’ personal data; with this high-level access to your network, you really have to be cautious of who you decide to do business with. But what if we told you that there was one cybersecurity company that could offer you reliable security that’s miles ahead of the competition? Well, StratoZen can do just that! Our reliable SIEM solutions and team of experts are just some of the reasons why StratoZen is right for you. Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to choose StratoZen:

A Full SIEM Solution

A SIEM is used to centralize all security alerts that come from every device within any given network, which includes firewalls, UTMs, IDSs, routers, wireless access points, and servers. While there are a lot of cybersecurity companies that offer SIEM solutions, StratoZen’s solutions don’t come with the limitations that most other companies come with, making us the best option for you!

Compliance and Customization

Other cybersecurity companies might fail to report relevant information when it comes to security breaches, and this is where StratoZen shines. Our customizable SIEM will help us tailor to your client’s network and security reporting, which also allows us to report and abide by specific rules, which we customize to your company needs. Customization of our SIEM solution helps us generate appropriate and accurate reports that your business might need for any audits or examinations.

Evolving Experience

One of the best things about StratoZen is that our team has the experience and expertise necessary to properly protect a business’s online presence. Not only that, but we are constantly receiving new training so that we are always prepared for the latest cyber-attacks. Our experience and professionalism is the reason that Fortinet chose us to manage their personal network security. Need another reason why StratoZen is right for you? Fortinet developed the SIEM product that we use to monitor your systems, but we have come to know this product so well, that Fortinet will frequently refer their clients back to us for help with managing their own SIEM instances.

There are over two billion reported events each day on any given network, and StratoZen will ensure that you don’t need to manage your network alone. So, if you’re looking to protect your business’s online presence, make sure to give us a call here at StratoZen. In the mix of different cybersecurity companies, we’re the strongest, most reliable company out there.