Since our inception, we have been working with Fortinet products — that’s 19 years! Whether you think that is a big deal or not, we will tell you why it is. The internet has not been widely used for much longer than our birth as a company, this means that as cyberattacks have grown more complex and threatening, we have adapted along the way.

To have nearly 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity world is quite significant! This isn’t just our opinion either, Fortinet also noticed our expertise with their products and decided to make us their FortiSIEM provider for their personal network four and a half years ago. With that bragging right under our belt, it really isn’t a stretch to say that we are the top provider for FortiSIEM products. In fact, not only do they trust us to manage their own environment, but they also refer anyone to us first when a potential client wants their product.

We briefly brushed over the number of years we have been working with Fortinet products, but that experience is not the only reason we are the top provider, it’s also what we do with FortiSIEM and what we do for our clients that sets us apart from anyone else.

Again, to have worked with the same product for nearly 20 years as it continued its development has given us experience that no one else has. We know FortiSIEM better than anyone else because of the time we’ve spent working with it, and that’s why we also know how to optimize its capacities better than anyone else.

With everything we know about FortiSIEM, we are able to deploy the collector with more customized rules than anyone else knows how. These customizations are geared specifically to our clients’ environment, and thanks to all the years of experience, we recognize what certain companies need and what they don’t need.

As a proven cybersecurity company with veteran experience, we understand that cyber threats are constantly changing. This is why, after 19 years, we continue to train our staff throughout the year in order to know how to recognize real threats and find resolutions. By keeping up with the ongoing evolution of cybersecurity needs, we are able to help our clients stay relaxed when unfamiliar activity is detected.

If you are aware of Fortinet’s cybersecurity prowess and are interested in using their products, there really isn’t a better provider than StratoZen.