At StratoZen, our services have everything to do with SIEM solutions, and in order to give our clients the best SIEM solution, we rely on Fortinet’s FortiSIEM. The reason we choose Fortinet is not complicated, they simply provide the most reliable SIEM thanks to their simplicity, customizability and accuracy.


To be more specific, the three key aspects that sets Fortinet apart from all other SIEM providers is their multi-tenancy functionality, brand ability and CMDB.

    1. Multi-Tenancy Functionality — FortiSIEM gives us the ability to monitor activity much easier than other SIEMs. With FortiSIEM we can take a look at ALL of our clients’ data from one location, simplifying the reading process significantly. 
    2. Brandability — Our clients are able to white-label the solution and brand it as their own. This means that while we are working behind the scenes for MSPs, when they sell our services to another company, they transform into MSSPs and give their clients direct feedback from us without the company ever knowing that we exist.
    3. CMDB (Configuration Management Database) — FortiSIEM allows us to import the configurations of a server or device — not just security logs. In other words, we are EXTREMELY accurate with our alerts and notifications, to the point that there are near zero false positives — something that is unique to Fortinet’s FortiSIEM and no other SIEM.

While other SIEMs log a lot of security activity, there is no other that can give you this much accurate information this easily. Not mentioned in the three benefits above is the customization that FortiSIEM is able to provide to its users. However, that is something that takes the work of specialists to manage. Nonetheless, what Fortinet offers is unlike any other, and when you have a competent SIEM cybersecurity company working on your side, you get even more out of FortiSIEM.


We’ve already highlighted what Fortinet can do for a cybersecurity company like our own, but more can be said about what we can do when we team up our services with FortiSIEM.

As we mentioned before, MSPs are able to use our services and white-label the solution for their clients. If you are unsure what that means, essentially, we are able to manage the SIEM for a remote location and analyze the data/activity away from the client’s actual environment. We can do this by deploying FortiSIEM in the cloud and gaining access to the information from anywhere. From there, our team of expert cybersecurity specialists will provide accurate notifications and solutions that MSPs can then use.

In addition, we here at StratoZen are able to take FortiSIEM’s wonderful security fabric (or features) and tailor it to any environment, business process, or other need of an enterprise. Whether a company sells clothing or focuses on financial banking, we go through every last detail in order to personalize the SIEM solution to be aware of specific threats based on the company. This kind of customization involves hundreds of different rules that cover everything from what kind of industry the company is in, to how many times a user can try to log into a network before the system locks the user out. Other SIEMs only give you about 20-30 rules and they are not customizable, but with FortiSIEM and our expertise, we can create hundreds of rules to detect all activity for any company. The more we are able to add customized rules, the less likely companies are to see false positives.

Hosting the SIEM in the cloud and customizing rules may be two SIEM-related capabilities that are unmatched by most others, but it is not all that we do for our clients. The multi-tenency capability that stitches all the data together gives us the ability to provide our clients with services such as SIEMaaS, SOCaaS, Endpoint & Data Protection from the cloud, and more. Beyond FortiSIEM, we give clients access to our SWAT feed — an active threat feed that uses our honeypot sensors set up around the world — providing StratoZen the most up-to-date threat readings.


We understand that many enterprises think that SIEMs are too difficult, SOCs are too expensive, and keeping up with compliance is a serious pain, however, with FortiSIEM and StratoZen acting as the service provider, we are able to overcome all of these concerns. Instead of a company having to deal with purchasing new hardware, software, or hiring new personnel, they can rely on us fully. We understand FortiSIEM better than anyone else and can walk any company through any challenge. If that weren’t true, Fortinet would not have personally turned to us to manage their own personal network for them.

Fortinet is not just a big cybersecurity company name, but a trustworthy company that gives you industry-leading products. The combined services of Fortinet and StratoZen is truly groundbreaking. If you are in need of SIEM solutions, contact us. You won’t find anyone better.