There are a lot of cybersecurity services that companies can choose from but it is challenging to know which to go with. Obviously, compliance really dictates what kind of security services a company needs, but every company benefits from services that detect all malicious activity happening within a network. One of the best managed detection services you can find is a SIEM solution.

When you have a cybersecurity company managing your client’s detection services, you are going to benefit not only from seeing readings of all the activity happening within a network but the expertise and notifications that come from specialists.

SIEM Detection

In essence, a SIEM solution will report all the activity, friendly or malicious, and communicate everything to the monitoring specialists. Even with firewalls or other preventative cybersecurity services, this kind of managed detection response is absolutely vital. Malware is now so advanced that the tactics no longer come just from the cloud be internally as well. Monitoring your client’s internal activity is one concrete way to make sure that your client’s company isn’t breached.

The way the SIEM works is by being deployed within a network of devices and centralizing all the readings, then sending reports to those monitoring the network. Whether the company has 10, 20 or 50 devices, a SIEM will simplify the managed detection response process by combining all the readings and putting them in one place. This makes the analysis that the managing team does much easier.

SIEM Management

Now, there are a lot of different SIEM solutions but the best managed detection response is going to be one that does these two things: supports their clients after deployment and customizes the service to fit the needs of the company. Companies may find a variety of IDS, IPS and even SIEM solutions that detects network activity, but it’s not a true managed detection service with the management part. Without a team that will monitor the activity within a network, the company in need of cybersecurity will miss out on a lot of actual coverage.

What really separates a phenomenal cybersecurity company with SIEM solutions as a managed detection response is their customization abilities. Some companies that offer detection services may seem to provide additional “customizations” but they usually are simple additions that they apply to all clients. With the SIEM solution we use from Fortinet, we don’t offer just 20-30 additional rules like other companies, but hundreds! The customizations we apply to our clients’ network is what makes us able to provide the most accurate readings. Through the hundreds of customized rules, we narrow down false positive readings to near zero.

Detection and Notification

When a potential breach is actually detected, the client needs to be notified as soon as possible! This is why we guarantee a notification within three minutes in our service level agreement. Along with our notification process, we are going to work with the MSP to find the most reliable resolution in order to resolve any potential problems within their client’s network.

Cybersecurity threats are real and companies need to be ready. Having a managed detection response service is going to help keep malicious activity at bay and the network safe. For more information about our services, contact us today.