Need a SIEM?

But don't want to host, manage or maintain it?


Need Cybersecurity Monitoring?

But don't want to build a SOC?


Is your SIEM keeping you up at night . . . literally?

False Positives = No Sleep and Missed Alerts


StratoZen helps Enterprises get the value from their SIEM

Outsource the SIEM and SOC headache


Compliance Expertise

FFIEC, HIPAA, and PCI experts are here to help


MSPs can become MSSPs overnight

New revenue from white labeled SIEM and SOC services

Our Services

StratoZen offers cloud-delivered SIEM-as-a-Service, SOC-as-a-Service, endpoint and data protection solutions, and its proprietary worldwide active threat feed. For companies who are looking to tackle the challenges of deploying and managing a SIEM service, StratoZen provides custom-tailored implementation and management services, with particular expertise in PCI, FFIEC, HIPAA and DFARS.

About StratoZen

StratoZen is a cybersecurity company that provides managed threat detection, response and compliance to organizations around the globe. Our custom services include dedicated, co-managed SIEM, SIEM-as-a-service, SOC-as-a-service, endpoint protection and compliance reporting. We serve companies of all sizes by either integrating with their in-house IT operations or through our network of managed service providers around the world.

With unmatched expertise and over 60,000 devices under management, StratoZen leverages advanced SIEM technology and deep expertise in the industry to offer a truly comprehensive approach to information security. Today’s information security threats require customizable solutions to maintain an organizations security. StratoZen takes enterprise security tools, turns them into complete, cloud-delivered solutions, and makes them available to organizations everywhere, fulfilling the need for adaptive solutions.

StratoZen was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. We provide services to nearly 1,000 organizations on six continents and process over 20 billion security events every day using a 100% U.S. staff.

Unique Credentials


The StratoZen team includes information security experts who have trained FFIEC (FDIC and NCUA) examiners as well as CTO, chief architects, etc. for managed security service providers and cloud providers.  With over 85 years of experience on the executive team alone, our credentials include leading one of the top 25 MSPs in the world along with designing and building the first FFIEC compliant cloud offering for financial institutions, then scaling it to the 14th largest cloud provider globally.

Financial Stability

One of the many things we’re proudest of at StratoZen – and one of the reasons many organizations choose us – is that we’re profitable and financially stable with no debt, and no outside investors.  This is important because we are not beholden to some investment firm’s growth rate or exit timeline demands.  Many cybersecurity firms have emerged in recent years that are pumped up by millions of investor dollars.  Make no mistake, the primary focus of these organizations is to maximize the return of the investors.  In contrast, by remaining completely self-funded, StratoZen is able to grow profitably by focusing solely on what’s best for our customers and employees.

Custom MSP Services

Unlike many MSSPs that offer services directly to customers and allow MSPs to resell through a “channel” program, StratoZen services are offered customized for our MSP partners.  We will never be your competitor or split our resources between supporting partners versus internal sales.  We only grow our business by growing your business.


Whenever possible (and it’s almost always possible), we align our pricing and term structure to our MSP partners’ pricing and term structure.  When your managed security services and related costs align to your current business practices, the services are easier to sell and the time required to ramp up revenue is much less.  Once again, our focus on aligning to your needs as an MSP provides tremendous value and lower risk as you go to market as a managed security services provider.

MSP/MSSP Challenge

As a trusted partner to your customers, it's critical that you pick the right partner for your information security operations. We offer the best SIEM, SOC, and cybersecurity solutions in the industry, but it's our people and uniqueness that make StratoZen the best partner for managed service providers. StratoZen knows MSPs because we’ve built MSPs. This first-hand knowledge makes StratoZen the perfect partner for your managed security services practice. We understand your challenges, we understand your needs, and we understand the criticality of providing effective cybersecurity solutions to your customers at a reasonable price.

Difficulty launching a cybersecurity offering?
Difficulty offering a PCI, FFIEC and HIPAA compliance solution for your customers?
Too many alerts overwhelming your support team?
Difficulty finding, retaining, or affording security & compliance experts?
Is your SIEM and SOC solution costing you more than you thought?
Need a solution that can actually stop malware?

StratoZen solves these challenges for our partners


Information security breaches are real, affecting real people and cost a lot of money.


Where internal actors abuse the access they have been entrusted with


of malware samples are unique to an organization


Infected Mobile Devices with Malicious Exploits


of incidents were attributed to errors made by system admin

Articles & Such

Several members of the StratoZen team are considered industry experts and are well known speakers and writers on the subject of information security. Below is some of our recent work.

Is MFA Enough? No, It is Not

Posted by on / 0 Comments

Anyone in the cybersecurity field will tell you that enabling Multi-Factor Authentication is the single most important service to prevent nefarious account take-overs. While this information is true, it is also artificially imputed that with MFA enabled, password security is reduced.  The argument goes that if a nefarious individual gained control of your username and...

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Benefits of a SIEM with Advanced Configuration

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It is 3:00 am and you get a call from your service provider that monitors your network for cybersecurity attacks. These are the calls you dread.  The analyst tells you they are seeing a real-time MS-SQL injection attack. The attack is coming from a source in China to one of your servers.  Your pulse quickens as...

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Understanding False Positives

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StratoZen espouses a near-zero false positive rate of alerting in our SIEM and SOC as a service environment to our clients. That is a pretty bold statement, one challenged frequently as a result of a misunderstanding. So, what exactly is a false positive? A false positive, in its simplest definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “a...

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Posted by on / 0 Comments

As I spoke with many CIOs and heads of IT at a recent financial services conference, I realized that these organizations are tired of being told that they need to change out their technology stack, replace the systems and SIEM solutions they have already invested in, or add yet another piece of agent software to...

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StratoZen at the IT Nation Conference

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We here at StratoZen thrive when our clients do, and this is only possible when they have effective cybersecurity tools and practices in place. Of course, this requires collaboration between cybersecurity companies, MSPs and businesses looking to deploy these services. This idea is what helps companies grow, and we’re able to keep this information and...

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What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Posted by on / 0 Comments

IT teams and MSSPs both have a critical responsibility, aside from SIEM management, that involves assessing, mitigating and reporting any security vulnerabilities that exist within a company’s systems and software. This responsibility is known as vulnerability management. You can only manage vulnerabilities if they have been discovered and identified, which is where vulnerability scanning comes...

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