It’s easy to pick up bad habits. Cybersecurity companies know that this is especially true when it comes to online habits. We become focused on our tasks and meetings and small security measures can feel tedious, but their consequences are certainly not. Here are some of the common practices that may be making your business vulnerable.

Snoozing System Updates

System updates are important to maintaining aspects of cybersecurity. Unfortunately, the notifications to update tend to hit while we’re in the middle of tasks and too often we opt to nudge the update time back. Try enabling automatic updates or, if that’s not an option, send out an email direction employees to block out calendar time to complete updates. This won’t fix everything, but it can save you and any partnering cybersecurity companies unneeded grief.

Inconsistent Training

Training can be helpful, but it won’t get far if employees are unable to see concrete ways in which to change their behavior. One way to keep training consistent and to help drive the message home is by building in feedback, such as a software that will send fake phishing emails or other cyber attacks to employees. These softwares then walk them through solutions when they fall for it. This teaches employees in real time how to avoid cyber threats.

Settling for Basic Solutions

With everything else your business has on its plate, it can be tempting to throw a basic cybersecurity solution at any potential threats and hope that will fix things. Don’t do it. Cyber criminals are continually adjusting their tactics, and so must you. Solutions need to be thorough and multilayered, which is why there is an entire industry of cybersecurity companies. The problem is real and prevalent.

Improving just these three habits can go a long way for your business security, but they will by no means catch every threat. For a more detailed and through defense, consider outsourcing to cybersecurity companies if you haven’t already. Our team here at StratoZen includes experts who have trained FFIEC examiners as well as CTO and chief architects. We would be happy to work with your team to protect your devices and data, or anything that would help you sleep a little better at night.