Fortinet is one of the premiere cybersecurity companies in the world and as such, they have a variety of different softwares for enterprises to use. Whether it be their firewall, DDoS, Fortiguard, FortiSwitch or FortiSIEM solution, your company may utilize a number of Fortinet products. One of the softwares that you can take advantage of is FortiManager — a console that will manage your entire network and give you the control to all your Fortinet devices.

In order to get the most out of your Fortinet services, you need a cybersecurity company like us, StratoZen, that has experience managing thousands of Fortinet devices and optimizing their potential as a software. This is why Fortinet turns to us as their partner to manage various enterprises’ networks for them. One of the services we take advantage of the most is the FortiManager; our team of experts helps build, manage and implement FortiManager in some of the world’s largest service providers.

There may be a few other security management softwares that allow you to centralize the control of your devices, but Fortinet’s security fabric is the foundation of this approach and will give you the most reliable operationalized and automated security with remarkable awareness and response time. Monitoring a console such as the FortiManager is not something that just anyone within a company will be able to sit down and do, but with its software and our assistance, your company’s network and cybersecurity methods will run efficiently.

Not only do you get the entire network of devices working on one console with FortiManager, but you get a large number of other benefits. According to Fortinet, these are some of the main key features of FortiManager that your network will benefit from:

Centralized device management: A single console to manage all Fortinet firewalls, switches, wireless infrastructure and endpoints
Centralized policies and objects management: Quickly create and modify policies/objects with a consolidated, drag and drop enabled, in-view editor
Detailed revision tracking and thorough auditing capabilities
Manage devices in a security fabric group as if they were a single device and display the Security Fabric topology
Workflow integration for change control management
Centralized SD-WAN provisioning and monitoring
Central VPN management: VPN communities, tunnel management, topologies
Automation — templates and scripts for device provisioning automation and policy installation with JSON APIs or XML API, to reduce your management burden and operational costs
Granular device and role based administration for large enterprises and multi-tenancy deployments
Centralized software upgrades and security updates for the managed devices

The FortiManager does all this and then makes it possible to manage all your Administrative Domains through its graphical interface. The list can go on and on about what Fortinet’s FortiManager can do for your entire network. With StratoZen giving you the assistance it needs to run FortiManager, we include all required licensing, high-availability hosting, ongoing maintenance, and user administrations, all delivered in a SaaS subscription model for an easy, pay-as-you-grow solution.

For any additional questions that have to do with your FortiManager or other Fortinet services, contact StratoZen for the most reliable help.