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Why FortiSIEM Services

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms are inherently complex and require a great deal of experience across multiple vendors, multiple device types, network and telecommunications, operating systems, protocols, and much more.  They also require information security and compliance experience.  Furthermore, FortiSIEM admins need to understand signatures, rules and how to tune the system for optimal performance so an organization doesn’t miss critical alerts but also doesn’t get overwhelmed with false positives and other “noise” that is common for these systems.

The bottom line is that more than 99.99% of data fed into a SIEM is just informational; however, that .01% can cost millions of dollars, if not found and acted upon.   Valuable data is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and any SIEM is supposed to make it easy to find, correlate, analyze, and alert on important events.  A FortiSIEM environment configured improperly or in the hands of an inexperienced admin can be dangerous.  Missed events can be classified as negligence.  Spamming false positives can keep IT staff running in circles costing the organization a tremendous amount of money and keep them from focusing on the important needs of the business.

To address these needs, and ensure that your SIEM solution provides the highest level of value and security, we offer custom tailored FortiSIEM services.  Our expert in-house support team can configure, manage, and maintain your SIEM environment, wherever it may be. StratoZen is uniquely equipped to assist managed service providers and enterprises with the challenges of deploying and managing a FortiSIEM solution. 

Why StratoZen

No organization has more experience with FortiSIEM than StratoZen. None. From being one of the first AccelOps / FortiSIEM customers, to managing some of the largest implementations on the planet, StratoZen's experience and capabilities are simply unmatched.


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