Fortinet’s FortiSIEM is our go-to SIEM solution here at StratoZen, and for a good reason. We want to provide our clients with the best cybersecurity tools possible to combat online threats and cybercriminals. Fortinet has the most reliable SIEM on the market, offering simplicity, customizability and accuracy. While there are various cybersecurity companies out there that offer their own SIEM solutions, we’re going to talk about how Fortinet’s SIEM is different than those other SIEMS in this blog.

The Unique Benefits of Fortinet

There are three key benefits that set Fortinet apart from other SIEMs. Here are their names and what they can provide you with.

Multi-Tenancy Functionality

FortiSIEM allows you to monitor activity in a more straightforward fashion than other SIEMs. With FortiSIEM, you’ll be able to look at all of your client’s data from a single location, making the reading process significantly more comfortable.

Brand Ability

By using FortiSiEM, clients can white-label the solution and brand it as their own. While we are working behind the scenes for MSPs, MSSPs give their clients direct feedback from us without letting them know that we’re involved in the process. 

CMDB (Configuration Management Database)

FortiSIEM gives clients the ability to import configurations of a server or device, as well as security logs. This allows us to be extremely accurate; when it comes to alerts and notifications to the point that there are near zero false positives. This is unique to Fortinet’s FortiSIEM and no other SIEM.

Fortinet’s SIEM gives you the accuracy that no other SIEM on the market can achieve, which is why we here at StratoZen stand by Fortinet and deploy their services on behalf of our clients. What Fortinet has to offer is unlike anything other cybersecurity companies have seen before, and b working with us, you’ll get even more benefits out of FortiSIEM.