No matter which service provider you choose for your clients, after installing a security system to their network, you and your support team have to continue working with the client in order to keep them satisfied. However, when you use SIEM solutions provided by StratoZen, the work you have to do after installation is going to be a lot less than other security solutions.

There are a lot of cybersecurity software options available, but the SIEM solutions created by Fortinet are going to give you the most reliable service. Things such as false-positives and compliance regulations become problems of the past. StratoZen is the leading cybersecurity company when it comes to managing Fortinet’s SIEM products, and we know how to personalize these services to cover your needs efficiently. With SIEM services, your client’s security operations is going to be centralized to one device and provide summarized reports on all devices. When a potential threat is found, your support team will be notified and you can then turn to us for help.

Potential threats don’t need much time to become a big problem and that is why our partners love our three-minute SLA. The SIEM solutions are able to detect specific incidents that are known to be serious threats and send a notification the moment it happens. By relying on StratoZen, instead of waiting 30 minutes to an hour, we start making solutions almost immediately.

When MSPs partner with us, they do not just get a service product that follows compliance requirements, but a cybersecurity company fully equipped to help them along the way. We understand SIEM solutions better than anyone; even Fortinet, the software creators, relies on us to manage their own network of devices. The best thing you can do for your clients is to utilize our expertise by turning to our team of security analysts to customize their security operations and resolve any problems with potential threats.

We are the #1 go-to cybersecurity company when it comes to SIEM solutions, SOC and other cybersecurity solutions. If you are overwhelmed with understanding and reading alerts, we are on your side. You can trust us to get the job done.