With so much of personal and organizational data being stored online, SIEM and other cybersecurity strategies are becoming increasingly vital. Information makes up a large part of a company’s value, which is why it is so often a target for cybercriminals and other threats.

Here are a few ways to improve how you manage sensitive data:

Keep Storage Clean

Consider using technology that deduplicates and archives your data. This way you’ll have less data to worry about and you can focus on protecting what you actually need.

Stay Consistent

It’s one thing to set good policies. However, it’s another to stay consistent with them, especially when you keep information in physical and virtual locations. However, putting the extra effort into enforcing the same policies wherever your information is kept is well worth it.

Build an Infrastructure

Do yourself a favor and try focusing less on a device or data center and more on creating a helpful information infrastructure. This can unify your data and make your information much more easy to manage.

Know Your Stuff

The more familiar you are with your information, the easier it is to keep it secure. Make sure to communicate things like ownership, access, and sensitivity. This can save you management resources in the end.

Managing data is only one part of securing your data. For a more thorough and multilayered solution, consider outsourcing to cybersecurity companies. At StratoZen, we offer a custom SIEM solution tailor-fit to help ease the burden on your IT team. Contact us today to learn more about our services.