Many of us download content over the internet on a daily basis. Whether it’s music, videos or work files, even some software updates are downloaded from the internet. However, cybersecurity companies warn that these files can contain malicious malware.  This malware can compromise the security of your company. There are a few practices that can keep you keep you less vulnerable to these attacks:

Update Security Systems

Make sure to have security software and firewalls installed. Better yet, make sure this software and firewalls are updated. This way, they can scan your downloads for any malicious content. You might also consider SIEM monitoring, a multilayered detection tool that can help you spot breaches throughout your company’s network.

Use Trusted and Paid Sites

Make sure that you trust the site that you are downloading from. For music, this usually means sites that are paid. If you need to obtain programs off the internet, make sure to use trusted download websites rather than peer-to-peer systems.

Use Premium File Sharing

It’s common to share files in the workplace. If you must use file-sharing software, make sure that you choose your software carefully. Then consider using the premium version. This can reduce the risk of adware being installed into your network. Cybersecurity companies would also recommend downloading the software from the manufacturer’s website, rather than any reseller’s websites, even if they are authorized.

Employee Awareness

Believe it or not, employee personal devices can affect the security of your business especially if these devices are used to complete work tasks. Help employees become aware of the risks they face when it comes to downloading malware. This can lead to a hacker stealing information through a public wifi network.

At StratoZen, we know how challenging it can be to stop all the holes in your cybersecurity defense. That’s why we’ve developed tailored, multilayered SIEM monitoring. It can help you spot potential breaches across your network. Our team has the expertise to manage and maintain an effective solution well after installation. Visit our website to learn more.