We here at StratoZen thrive when our clients do, and this is only possible when they have effective cybersecurity tools and practices in place. Of course, this requires collaboration between cybersecurity companies, MSPs and businesses looking to deploy these services. This idea is what helps companies grow, and we’re able to keep this information and knowledge flowing by attending the IT Nation Connect. We attend this conference to connect with other professionals in the cybersecurity industry and to exchange our knowledge in services like SIEM management, SOC as a Service and of course our custom SIEM services to name a few.

The main focus of this conference is collaboration between technology experts to create secure cyber environments for our clients. This collaboration is also important to the growth of these technology companies. IT Nation Connect is where meaningful and professional connections are made. We saw technology and cybersecurity companies coming together to discuss issues and solutions to some of the most prominent aspects of today’s technological world. Here is what one of our customers has to say about the importance of this event.

Here is what one of our customers had to say about the importance of this event:

“For me, attending this conference was all about networking. I wanted to really pick the brain of some of the top professionals in the technology & cybersecurity industry. I was specifically looking to speak with StratoZen. We’ve been working with them for years to help our clients with SIEM management and Security Operations, said Don Baham, President, Kraft Technology Group. StratoZen understands the Service Provider market and the headaches our clients experience that come with managing a SIEM. StratoZen integrates the best security services into our business quickly and efficiently, and helps KTG to deliver the best IT & security services in Nashville and beyond.”

As you can see, this highlights the importance of building connections with other like-minded individuals. We attend this conference in the hopes that we will get some valuable insight into other companies’ struggles so that we may offer a solution that they will benefit greatly from.

We hope to continue making a significant impact on businesses and their success. IT Nation is a growing conference, and with the technological advancements we’re seeing, the cybersecurity industry is only going to keep rising in terms of importance and relevancy.