Earlier this year, StratoZen changed the security alert playing field with the implementation of our enhanced security notifications. Going above and beyond the typical one sentence basic alert, these notifications provide real and in-depth insight into all different types of cybersecurity threats. Using these enhanced notifications, we can go one step further in providing critical information to our MSP partners and enterprise clients so they can respond to these threats accordingly.

StratoZen’s ability to quiet frequent and confusing alerts allows our clients to only focus on the most important notifications. Customizing the notifications based on our client’s needs means less guesswork and confusion for them and an overall easier and quicker response.

“Our partners need better information on how to respond to threats as quickly as possible,” said Chris Gebhardt, StratoZen VP of Operations. “It’s no longer good enough to rely on basic notifications with a one or two sentence description of what happened. By providing unique insight and in-depth guidance, we’re empowering our clients to make better, well-informed decisions to respond quickly and confidently.”

Providing Context to Security Alerts

The key takeaway from these new enhanced notifications is that they go far beyond basic alert notifications and explain not only what happened, but why the alert itself is important. The why is equally, if not more important than the what.

On top of providing context to cybersecurity alerts, each of StratoZen’s Global Playbooks also includes:

  • Possible causes of the incident
  • An explanation as to why the alert was generated
  • Potential steps that internal teams can take moving forward
  • Actions the partner or client MUST take immediately to remedy the situation

These upgrades have been rolled out to all partners and clients at no additional charge whatsoever, and our customers are already putting the enhanced notifications to good use. “StratoZen’s Global Playbooks have been crucial to our understanding of not only what incidents have occurred, but why they’ve occurred,” said Don Baham, President of Kraft Technology Group. “By customizing our alerts, they’ve limited the amount of notifications we receive so we can stay focused on the ones that matter and provide us the steps we need to move forward that we wouldn’t have gotten from simple alert systems.”

StratoZen’s Global Playbooks will be continually updated as StratoZen stays on top of the latest cybersecurity information and tactics. Using these new playbooks, StratoZen is taking a huge leap forward in advanced cybersecurity protection and response.