Thousands of cybersecurity products exist in today’s market. However, effective cyber defense can only be achieved through a SIEM solution that can accurately correlate and analyze data across an entire organization. When it comes to protecting users and their data, companies have to ask themselves not what they managed to stop, but what they missed in terms of attacks, breaches and attacks.

An effective SIEM and SOC solution can filter this information down to hundreds of alerts every day. Even then, a company’s IT team can face a tsunami of information that can be impossible to go through. At the end of the day, how do you know what alerts are harmless false positives? Hw do you know which are legitimate threats that require immediate attention?

Our Threat Detection Response and Compliance Platform

Here at StratoZen, our threat detection response and compliance platform includes custom SIEM services, advanced endpoint protection and SOC as a service. This all comes with integrated threat intelligence and usable risk and compliance reporting. There’s a reason that 10 of the top 50 MSP in the world utilize our services. With deployments in over six continents around the globe, we monitor over 60,000 critical devices.

If you’re still wondering why you should give us a try, keep on reading. Our SIEM and SOC solutions have the highest accuracy possible, boasting a near-zero false positive rate. You’ll get actual notifications that require immediate attention. We also include built-in remediation guidance customized to your company’s needs.

Our cyber defense services are also some of the fastest on the market. They include a three-minute SLA for all high-severity incidents. On top of this, we also offer unbeatable flexibility. This allows you to deploy anywhere in the world, on-premise or in our cloud. You can use of SIEM-as-a-service or keep your data in-house; it’s all up to you¾ we can even co-manage with your team.

Whether you don’t have a comprehensive SIEM and SOC solution, your current solution is racking up a hefty bill or you’re sick of wondering what you’ve missed, we can help. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help your company deploy the most effective cyber defense solution on the market.