The majority of companies that go with a SIEM solution for their cybersecurity needs will end up doing one of two things, however, both are problematic. The two routes that companies choose to take with their SIEM solution is either the DIY SIEM management way or the outsourcing option. Unbeknownst to most, there is a third way that is better than any else. We want to give you a greater look at how StratoZen’s SIEM Management overcomes both of these problems.

While we recently explored the problems of the two common SIEM choices in other blogs, we must briefly summarize the problems with DIY SIEM management and third-party SIEMaaS.


Problems With DIY – The first problem is when a company invests in a SIEM solution but doesn’t have the proper staff to man the SIEM’s deployment internally. A SIEM solution isn’t something that a reliable IT group can simply learn on the run, they require a SIEM expert. When a company ignores this warning, They’ll find their IT specialists losing their minds over an abundance of false positive reports that they don’t know how to read correctly. As a result, the company will try to find a SIEM expert to hire full-time. Unfortunately, these experts move around a lot because there really aren’t enough experts, in fact, it’s estimated that by 2020 there will be a 3.5 million shortfall of cybersecurity personnel. In the end, companies don’t budget to hire the needed SIEM expert and they waste time and lose value with their SIEM product.

Problems With SIEMaaS – The next problem has to do with companies that outsource their SIEM management to a third party cybersecurity company. The issue here is that these third party service providers only have 20-30 rules that they can set up to the SIEM (“rules” essentially identify malicious activity and traffic patterns). With just 20-30 different rules, the company that is outsourcing their SIEM management will miss about 90% of ALL activity.


The third route that companies can take to help them with their SIEM compliance is relying on our SIEM management. The difference here is that companies can deploy a SIEM in their own environment (as they want) but they have experts from StratoZen managing the SIEM solution. The first thought you may have is, “what’s the difference from that and the SIEMaaS route?” Well, with the SIEM we use — a Fortinet product that no one knows better — you benefit from rule customization abilities, a cross-correlation and analysis system that removes false positives, and no more unexpected costs.

Each benefit we can provide resolves the problems we’ve already mentioned. To spearhead the typical “problems with SIEMaaS” first, with our SIEM management, we don’t give companies a generic set of 20 to 30 rules that may or may not apply to their environment, but help them customize their SIEM with hundreds of different rules that apply to their network. This should also resolve any issues they have with privacy and security. Next, our cross-correlation and analysis process removes false positives and allows IT personnel to relax. Further, we are on the company’s side give them reports or answering questions as needed.


The two issues companies have with SIEM solutions result in high costs and low efficiency, but with a third option, all those problems can be resolved. StratoZen really is the most reliable and cost-efficient SIEM solution company out there. Contact us today if you have any other SIEM-related questions.