Cybersecurity is no joke. Last year alone, there were over 446 million records exposed from the 1.2 billion detected breaches in America. The year before that, the total number of breaches was even higher at 1.57 billion, but the number of records exposed was a lot less, totaling 178.9 million. What this means is that even with a lot of the cybersecurity products on the market and the fact that companies are required to comply with specific industry regulations, cyberattacks are still penetrating defenses. Does this mean that nothing will stop these attacks? No, but it does mean that you need a quality cybersecurity company or service providing solutions for the companies you sell to.

This article will give you all the main reasons why StratoZen is one of the few cybersecurity companies that can give you a reliable product and the unmatchable service that you and your buyers need.


There are a lot of SIEM solutions, but unlike StratoZen, most of these products have limitations. The main function of a SIEM is centralizing all the security alerts that come from every device within a network — this includes firewalls, UTMs, IDSs, routers, wireless access points and all servers (application, database, file, etc.). A holistic system takes away blindspots and helps you monitor and enforce corporate policies better. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of the limitations begin for many of the SIEM products.


Other SIEMs may be able to log the activities within the network and communicate well with Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems, but they then fail to report relevant information and stay up to date with things like compliance regulations. Each line of business is different and therefore have different regulations to protect the privacy of individual’s personal information. Thanks to our customizable SIEM, we can tailor your client’s network and security reporting to abide by the specific rules that apply to their company’s need. By customizing the SIEM and constantly updating the network with compliance changes, you can generate all the appropriate reports you need for any of the audits or exams you receive and send them to the proper individual.

Cross-Correlation, Analysis, and Critical Context Understanding

What really sets StratoZen apart is the automated cross-correlation analysis our SIEM provides with all the raw event logs. Reporting all the events from an IDS like a log aggregation system is not enough to stop the ongoing threats — companies need more. A lot of the important incidents are missed, and many false-positives occur when you only have a SIEM that logs the events. With our cross-correlation and analysis, the SIEM is able to rely on its advanced customization and critical context understanding to recognize hidden threats. It also can distinguish the difference between what threat is real and what is not. This is possible because of its ability to see finer details, like what apps and configurations are running within a server. As a result, the SIEM detects things like unauthorized changes within your firewalls and routers and then send a notification. In addition to all this, thanks to the blending of threat intelligence feeds, blacklists and geolocations, the accuracy of the SIEM is increased significantly.

Our SIEM goes far beyond other SIEMs and that is because it is developed by the cybersecurity software industry leader, Fortinet, and managed by the most qualified team of experts.


It’s one thing to have a great product that people can use, but it is another when the company can provide you with top-notch services alongside the product — that’s what we do. We have a team of experts that will support every step you take as you help your clients. You may not know everything there is to know about cybersecurity, and that is just fine! We understand that cybersecurity goes much deeper than YouTube tutorials and reading a manual. There are even college degrees now that are devoted entirely to cybersecurity, so we don’t expect much. On the other hand, you can expect much from us! Our team has the education and experience to fine-tune the SIEM to your client’s needs and continuously monitor and update you with reports and solutions as needed.


One of the greatest benefits that you and your clients will receive from our services is the ongoing customization we apply to the network of devices that are set up to our SIEM; every field of work is different. If you are selling to a company that provides medical assistance, the cybersecurity measures are going to be much different from that of a retail clothing store. Further, the threats are going to be different. That is why it is important to not only set up a security system to monitor events, but one that is customizable to minute detail.

When we set up a network of devices, we go into such depth that we are asking things like how many times your client wants to allow a user to fail signing in before they are locked out. Every customization we make is a rule that we share with the SIEM so that it knows and recognizes actual threats based on the incident. As we briefly mentioned before, when a SIEM simply keeps a detailed log of all the events, there are bound to be incidents missed and false-positives reported, however, our customization changes that.

Incident Reporting and 3-minute SLA

When a potential threat is detected, we have a criticality setting that categorizes the severity of the event into three different groups: events that are not a concern and are therefore logged, events with enough concern to report and view later and events that need immediate attention and action. As soon as an incident shows signs of serious danger, our team is notified immediately. Our SLA is a guarantee that you will be notified within three minutes of the incident, and from that moment, our team of experts will start coming up with solutions and providing you with all the answers on what needs to be done to resolve the situation. This is the fastest response time of any cybersecurity company, and if it is any later, the attack can spread quickly and affect the entire network.

Experience, Ongoing Training and Fortinet

Our support team not only has the experience and expertise that is customarily needed, but also receives training throughout the year so that they are ready for the latest attacks. This is part of the reason Fortinet has chosen us to manage their own personal network’s security. Even though Fortinet is the developer of the SIEM product that we use, no one knows it better than us, that is why they use us. Whatever the concern may be, our team can help you through it.


One network can report upwards of two billion events each day, and without a quality cybersecurity company on your side, you may have a plethora of problems. If you do turn to StratoZen for our services, you will benefit from the in-depth analyzation and filtering of our SIEM and the assistance you receive from our team along the way. For more detail on what we can do for you, contact us today.