SIEM is a powerful tool in the world of cybersecurity, especially when it comes to maintaining awareness of potential security breaches. But while SIEM is great for the detection of security breaches, it can also generate a ton of false positives and unrelated data, creating a mess that your internal team will have to comb through. In instances like this, your company is vulnerable to actual attacks due to your in-house team being preoccupied with sorting through the influx of data.

Of course, this isn’t ideal, but some businesses also don’t want to hand over complete control to cybersecurity companies when it comes to protecting their data. The best thing to do for businesses that want to stay in the loop when it comes to their cybersecurity is to look into co-managed-SIEM.

Co-managed SIEM is the middle ground when it comes to cybersecurity, as it allows for the collaboration of the service provider and a company’s in-house IT team to come up with the best cybersecurity strategies as well as blend their contextual knowledge with the service providers knowledge; this is the best way to optimize the effectiveness of a solid cybersecurity plan.

Benefits of Co-Managed SIEM

 There are several benefits that come with co-managed SIEM, here is a list of just a few that will help ensure a smooth collaboration between your company and the SIEM service provider:


  • You’ll always be in the loop: a company’s greatest fear is that cybersecurity companies will leave them in the dark in terms of data and statistics that have to do with the company’s online security. Co-managed SIEM helps ensure that you always know what is going on so that you don’t miss any important information when regarding major security events and incidents.


  • Neither side will have a heavy workload: co-managed SIEM ensures that both sides can distribute the workload that goes into cybersecurity evenly so that there won’t be a massive strain on either team. This increases efficiency and leads to more accurate cyber-attack detection.


  • You’ll be working with cybersecurity professionals: perhaps the most important benefit to co-managed SIEM is that you’ll have experts to turn to if your team is uncertain about any cybersecurity aspects. These experts can also help you learn new methods and techniques which will help your team grow in terms of their SIEM knowledge.

Co-managed SIEM really is the best of both worlds; you get expert assistance while still keeping control over your online protection. If you’re looking to invest in cybersecurity for your company, give us a call here at StratoZen. We can answer all the questions that you have regarding online security and help you come up with an effective strategy to keep your data secure.