ZenSight Customer Reports

ZenSight customer reports provide an interactive report dashboard for you and board level reports for your customers.  The dashboard allows you to instantly identify devices with the highest risk among all your customers simultaneously.  And the board level customer reports clearly show the customer’s security posture and the value you provide as their MSSP.

With ZenSight, every customer device is assigned a risk score calculated based on a combination of the device’s detected vulnerabilities and active threats.  This gets rolled up to an overall score representing the cybersecurity risk across the entire organization.

+ Reports Your Customers Will Love

Your customers want useful reports, not just a list of past events or tickets.  ZenSight customer reports provide a risk score for the entire organization along with a summary of detected vulnerabilities and active threats. The result is a clear representation of your customer’s cybersecurity posture.  No translation required.

+ New Revenue Sources

Convincing customers of needed upgrades and remediation services can be difficult. ZenSight customer reports allow you to instantly see devices with high risk and what needs to be done to resolve the issues. Even better, you can show your customers their high risk devices, the actions you are going to take, and how those actions reduced their risk.

+ Undeniable Proof of Your Value

By showing customers their risk score before and after, you quantify the value of your services.  Customers clearly see how you’ve lowered their score – and therefore, risk – over time.  For the first time, you no longer have to convince customers based on “trust me”.  ZenSight customer reports prove your value with real data.  Imagine how powerful this can be during QBRs and sales conversations!

More Than Security Event Reporting

ZenSight Customer Reports

The power of our ZenSight customer reports is that we include much more than just security event data.  In fact, ZenSight combines 5 key data components: